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The Chaos is Cabrinha's all new competition Freestyle kite. This kite is dedicated to one thing, delivering the absolute best performance in Freestyle competition. Designed with PKRA superstar Alby Rondina, this bridled C kite represents the progression taking place in today's touring freestyle arena. Lets be clear, this technical performance kite is not for everyone. It won't mow your lawn. It won't leave you dangling. But if you are looking to get on the podium then this is your kite.

Kite is complete incl. bar, lines , pump, leash & bag Features

? Bridled c-kite 5-strut design
? Designed with PKRA rider Alberto Rondina
? Competition freestyle
? High aspect ratio
? Quicklink IDS equipped
? Sprint

  • Tuotekoodi: 90-KC3CHID13