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The Fly is NeilPryde?s lightweight 4-batten down-the-line wave sail line, used and developed by team riders Jason Polakow and Kauli Seadi it?s billed as a ?light and neutral feel? sail. For 2013 it has had a few tweaks, including a new lower-down batten layout with improved stability in mind. The Fly is available in either HD (Heavy Duty) or clear window constructions.

It?s very light in the hands, with a soft and balanced feel. It powers-up well in lighter breeze but can quickly get overpowered at the top-end if pushed too hard in windy, onshore conditions. It has a soft and reactive leech twist which results in the foil creasing across the middle but as long as you don?t sail too overpowered, this is not an issue. The power is very on-or-off and when you want to you can switch this sail to completely neutral, which is awesome while on the wave ? the better the waves, the better this sail feels.

Most-suited to lighter riders who like to sail smaller sizes for the conditions, it?s super light and well-balanced in the hands. Heavier and more powerful riders may find it a little too soft though. It?s designed for sideshore down-the-line wave conditions and in this environment would perform superbly but unfortunately it wasn?t particularly well-suited to the powered-up, howling onshore conditions we experienced throughout most of the testing.

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