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There are very few cases in the world of kite design where high performance and ease of use collide. The Switchblade is just one of those rare cases. The Switchblade is the worlds premier wakestyle and all around freestyle kite. One of the elements that make this kite so perfect for wakestyle riding AND all round freestyle riding is its predictability. It has pitch perfect balance when riding unhooked and a light bar pressure when riding hooked in. The Switchblade has undergone a few strategic improvements in 2013 to enhance its efficiency and turning speed (especially in the larger sizes) without compromising the legendary ?feel? that has made the Switchblade the world?s best selling kite model.

Kite is complete incl. bar, lines , pump, leash & bag
Modernized design
5 strut
Dynamic arc
Improved turning speed
Improved Relaunch
Stable and Direct Feel
Park and ride stability
Light bar pressure
High hang time
Works in a wide range of conditions

  • Tuotekoodi: 90-KC3SRID10